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Hong Kong

Have Fun in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, also spelled as Hongkong, is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China.

Hong Kong is located on China's south coast and bounded by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. It is known for its sprawling skyline and deep natural harbor.

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. It has a land mass of 1,104 square kilometers (around 426 square miles) and a population of seven million people, 95% of which are ethnic Chinese and 5% are from other groups.

As much of Hong Kong's terrain is hilly to mountainous with steep slopes, less than 25% of the territory's landmass is developed, and about 40% of the remaining land area is reserved as country parks and nature reserves.

Most of the territory's urban development exists on Kowloon peninsula, along the northern edge of Hong Kong Island and in scattered settlements throughout the New Territories. The highest elevation in the territory is at Tai Mo Shan, at a height of 957 meters (3,140 ft) above sea level. Hong Kong's long, irregular and curvaceous coast line provides it with many bays, rivers and beaches.

Despite Hong Kong's reputation of being intensely urbanized, the territory has made much effort to promote a green environment, and recent growing public concern has prompted the severe restriction of further land reclamation from Victoria Harbor.

Awareness of the environment is growing as Hong Kong suffers from increasing pollution compounded by its geography and tall buildings. Approximately 80% of the city's smog originates from other parts of the Pearl River Delta.