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Have Fun in Taiwan

Taiwan, used to be called as Formosa, is best known as one of the top electronics manufacturer in the world. But it is also known as for its towering mountains, pristine beaches and soon, casinos. There are lots of ways you can have fun in Taiwan!

The island of Taiwan is spotted with numerous mountains over 3,000 meters. It is also home to Northeast Asia's highest mountain, Jade Mountain, which is nearly 4,000 meter in height.

Besides mountains, beautiful coastal scenes are also part of Taiwan's great natural asset. Starting from the northern tip of the island is the North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area and Northeast National Scenic Area that features various sorts of coastal geography.

The majestic Eastern Coast National Scenic Area and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area, the Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area are all blessed with sunshine and tropical touch.

Alongside the mountainous areas is the Maoling National Scenic Area, where a lot of aborigines live and place one can check out the world of butterfly, Lukai stone-made houses and Natural scenes in Taiwan.

Legendary tales depict subtle beauty of Alishan National Scenic Area, where you can enjoy the relaxing scene of sunrise and cloud sea. Natural setting of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, eagle-spotting at Bagua Mountain, home of fruit-Lishan can sacred Buddhist sanctuary - Lion Mountain, can bring to you the many faces of the island's beauty.

Meanwhile, Penghu National Scenic Area, composed of sixty-four islets, scattered around the Taiwan Strait is rumored to be the location eyed for casinos. The areas flat landscape makes it different from Taiwan Island. It is blessed with the most spectacular view in Taiwan.

Lanyu and Green Island, located in Pacific Ocean southeast of Taiwan, offer whale spotting and scuba diving.

Taiwan also has six National Parks. These are:

In addition to the beautiful natural setting provided, above six National Parks also offer great ecological environment for tourists. Besides, National Palace Museum, located in outskirt of Taipei City, is home to essence of the five-thousand-year Chinese history. It has the finest collections of Chinese Arts, providing an eye-opening experience of Chinese culture. Taiwan is somewhere you can experience the amazement of Chinese culture.